At Foundations Financial Partners we believe that people join other people, not organizations. 

We believe that teamwork enables us each to focus on our highest-level skills so that together we accomplish what no one can do alone. For those aspiring to become Financial Advisors, there are many opportunities in the industry today, but few have the people, resources and structure in place to help take your business to an elite level.

While we agree “there’s power in numbers”, we’re devoted to providing you with a personalized career experience that never makes you feel like “just a number”. We’ve accomplished this unique balance by implementing local, regional, and national support levels.

  • Local: Our boutique financial planning and wealth management firm delivers a forum for you to launch your business with one-on-one mentorship, hands-on casework training, and an advisor financing program built to fuel your growth.
  • Regional: Our strategic affiliation with Virginia Asset Management (VAM) allows us to further support your business success through maximized economics, access to industry specialists, scaled-up training resources, and streamlined technology efficiencies on a regional level.
  • National: Our long-standing association with broker-dealer and registered investment advisor, Securian Financial Services Inc., affords you access to technology and trading platforms, extensive product choice, an exceptional compliance team, and trust company capabilities on a national level.

Foundations Financial Partners is on a mission to build lasting financial security in the lives of our clients. As a financial advisor, you will have the unique opportunity to help people within your community reach their financial goals and dreams. Allow us to foster your ambition with a collaborative culture based on common values and commitment to client service. Join us on this impactful mission and discover the fulfillment of creating your own sustainable career.

Build something for yourself, not by yourself.


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